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Dan Hanley Shares How He Built a Successful Consulting Firm at 50+

Have you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to start your own consulting firm using the wisdom you’ve gained from your past experience?

In this Reinvention Ready TV interview, Dan Hanley shares his reinvention journey and starting his consulting firm later in life.

Learn how Dan rocked is business kickoff "Day One",  how he manages his time, and how he's discovered how to use his superpowers to create success as an entrepreneur.

Dan has enjoyed a career in fundraising, supporting nonprofits’ critical work for nearly two decades. His insight and experience have assisted organizations changing the lives of people facing AIDS, teens dealing with homelessness, children suffering from abuse, and those who’ve experienced domestic violence and sexual assault.

Using his years of philanthropic wisdom, Dan founded Altrui in 2019 to follow his passion for helping even more great organizations build lifelong relationships with their donors through development strategy.

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