We are one.

I am that, I am.

We create our reality.

We can choose love or fear.

Choose love.

Readings and Guidance

When I was a little kid, I used to listen to the radio and could clearly envision what someone looked like just from hearing them sing. Soon I realized that I perceived things other people didn’t. As I grew older, I dismissed my abilities so I could fit in more easily with the people around me. Sometimes, I’d get flickers of insight, but I blocked them out, choosing to live a typical teenage life.

As an adult, I started to get interested in spirituality and the concept of oneness, yet didn’t pursue a path to rediscover my gifts until I was given a Tarot card reading session as a birthday present from a friend. An unusual set of events unfolded for me. I had a premonition the reading would be rescheduled and sure enough, I got a call from the reader and learned her mother had passed away. On the way to the reading, I had a strong urge to bring the reader flowers, specifically Hyacinths. While driving there, I also heard a voice clearly say “Latte”. I thought it was weird, but it was so clear so I purchased a Latte and the flowers. When the reader opened her door, her jaw dropped. I told her, “I think these are from your mom.” She told me her mother’s favorite flowers were Hyacinths and that she only ordered two types of coffee drinks – one was very complicated to order and the other was a latte. Lattes helped ground her in her readings!

My husband had an older Tarot deck and he gave it to me to use. I started to do readings for friends and soon realized the cards would be a guide, but my insight came from somewhere deeper, always in love and service. Until recently, I only did readings for people I knew a little trusted. I found them to be very accurate and helpful for the receiver.

In one of my yoga teacher training sessions, the instructor, who is very intuitive and a healer, told me I was “psychic”. At first I felt very uncomfortable with the label. But the more I thought about her words,the more I realized they were exactly what I needed to hear. It was time for me to share these gifts and not keep them locked away.

I don’t believe the future is set in stone, but I do believe we have an opportunity to tune in to the insights of our higher self which is connected to spirit.  We are here to learn, grow, love and serve.  To understand your purpose and path , sometimes it’s helpful to have a trail guide with an extra flashlight. I am an intuitive guide.

If you’ve found this page,  I believe you’re here for a reason. Can you use another flashlight to clarify your journey? If a reading sounds useful for you, please contact me to schedule a session.

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