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I’m Janie Gianotsos.

For more than 20 years, I’ve created copy and communications that connect small and mid-sized organizations to their ideal customers.

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Is your organization outgrowing your in-house marketing?

I get it. I know what it feels like to wear too many hats, do everything yourself or with a small team. If marketing communications isn't your strength, or if you're growing so fast your team can't keep up,  it's time to invest in an expert.

I can help!
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Copywriting  |  Graphic Design  |  Brand Identity 
Internal and External Communications  |  Public Relations
Marketing Strategy  |  Interim Marketing Leadership

Get great results on a small budget.

I've guided small to mid-sized organizations to build stronger brands, increase sales or donations, and receive more earned media and public recognition on shoe-string budgets. I realize nonprofits, manufacturers, credit unions, and other socially conscious organizations need to stretch every dollar to have more funds for their important work.

What can I create for you?

From annual reports, newsletters, email, and white papers to sales sheets, ad copy, media relations, and web content, I've got your marketing communications needs covered.

Why me?

I've been in your shoes. I started my communications career as an intern at a large nonprofit. My first paid gig was promoting an 18-store pizza franchise where I increased sales through better couponing and community outreach.

I've helped small organizations become mighty. I grew my leadership legs at three medium-sized credit union's in-house marketing departments creating ads, newsletters, web content, and training programs growing their checking accounts, loans, and certificates. I also helped with internal and external communications for one of Colorado's largest credit union mergers, successfully securing a successful 98% "yes" vote.

I've built marketing programs from scratch. I managed B2B marketing at a mid-sized manufacturing company with an international sales team that desperately needed marketing support. I increased visibility and sales with new web copy, brochures, public relations, trade show exhibits, sales sheets, RFP content, and direct mail.

I'm a leader. I spent 13 years as head of marketing and PR, ensuring Colorado's largest health and human services nonprofit met all its strategic goals. My leadership in social media, print and digital advertising, direct mail, website content, email marketing, community presence, and public relations helped the organization triple in size during my tenure on the leadership team.

I know how to cut through the noise. I've worked with local and national media as a PR strategist and company spokesperson. And I've collaborated with top local and national PR and marketing agencies who represented companies like Starbucks, Ardent Mills, CoBank, Bank of America, Feeding America, and many others for joint cause marketing promotions, awards, and awareness campaigns. My efforts secured millions of dollars in local and national media exposure.

How can I help you? I've created just about every type of marketing communication imaginable and secured TV, radio, print, and digital placement. I'm confident my experience can help your organization too.

How Much Should You Invest to Market Your Project?

Great question! Every project is unique. Your investment should be too. Answer these questions to get started.

  • How much can I afford to spend?
  • What outcomes do I hope to receive from investing in a new project?
  • How will my organization grow if the projected goals are reached?
  • What is my target ROI (return on investment) for this project?

Investing in marketing can feel like delving into the unknown. But it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Because I'm a shop of one, working remotely, I can keep my rates low without sacrificing the quality you deserve. 

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