Creating Connection through Communication

I started drawing pictures in my dad’s golf books (and on the walls of my closet) when I was two years old. My parents weren’t thrilled at my choice of canvases, but thankfully, they encouraged my creativity. By age four, I wrote my own stories, mostly about princesses and fairy godmothers, and while I haven’t written about princesses since once upon a time, I’ve never stopped writing.

It’s my nature to write and create beautiful and effective communications. I tell stories, make the complex easier to understand and connect people to products and services. I write copy that compels and content that sells. If you need a marketing and PR fairy godmother, I’m your gal.

How can my PR and Marketing Communications experience help you? Let’s grab a virtual coffee (or a real one if you live in Metro Denver) and explore what kind of magic we can create together!

Yes, I need a little marketing and PR magic. Contact Janie here.