Yoga Nidra


Why Practice Yoga Nidra?

For thousands of years, yogis have known that deep rest and meditation were incredible for healing and rejuvenating our bodies and minds. Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows deep healing and rest simply by relaxing in a comfortable position, usually resting on a yoga mat, and listening to a trained guide take you through the practice. You can't do it wrong!

Students get the benefits of a lengthy seated meditation with the ease of resting comfortably and just listening; nothing more is required.

Science now backs up what the ancient yogis knew.

  • Brain images show how quiet and restful the mind becomes during Yoga Nidra.
  • The body naturally secretes Anti-stress and anti-aging hormones like GABBA and melatonin during Yoga Nidra.
  • Students report feeling more peaceful and better able to handle life's ups and downs, usually within just a few sessions.
  • Students who have struggled to meditate find it much easier to attain a state of deep relaxation.
  • Yoga Nidra can help with pain management, body issues from aging or illness, and even end-of-life care.
  • And Yoga Nidra provides connection to the subconscious and deeper unconscious part of the brain where healing, transformation,  intentions, and affirmations can be actualized and fulfilled.

Here are some benefits of Yoga Nidra as cited by the Amrit Institute and Kamini Desai

Relief from Stress and Stress-Related Illness

Yoga Nidra reverses the chronic fight or flight state most people experience in their daily lives. According to the Huffington Post, 75% of doctor's visits are stress-related. Through Yoga Nidra practice, stress-related illnesses can be reversed.

Better Sleep 

Our days are spent in beta brainwave activity. The more we experience stress, the less time we spend in alpha brainwave activity, making it difficult to fall asleep. Yoga Nidra increases alpha brainwave activity, promoting restful and deep sleep.  Research has shown practicing Yoga Nidra, and meditation helps increase sleep cycles. More sleep cycles indicate a more restorative sleep.

Alleviation of Anxiety and Depression

Yoga Nidra promotes the release of serotonin, which can play a key role in easing symptoms of depression. The release of GABA calms the nervous system and quiets the stresses in the  mind.

Aided Recovery from Trauma, Addiction, and PTSD 

After experiencing  trauma, the nervous system can get stressed beyond its normal range of functioning. Yoga Nidra helps bring the nervous system back to pre-stress levels.

Yoga Nidra has been shown to help those coping with addiction relapse triggers. The practice is non-religious and can be an effective tool for those in recovery programs such as AA.

Reduced Inflammation 

Over time, continuing to experience stress increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been shown to worsen the symptoms of many diseases, including arthritis, Alzheimer's, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, and many other conditions. According to the Amrit Institute, there’s evidence Yoga Nidra as meditation dampens the activity of genes associated with inflammation.

Balanced Blood Sugar and Help with  Type II Diabetes

According to the Amrit Institute, Yoga Nidra helps balance blood sugar and has been shown to be very helpful in the treatment of Type II Diabetes.

Why Practice with Me?

I was one of those "I can't meditate" people until I experienced Yoga Nidra. The practice was the first time I experienced the deep relaxation that meditators always talk about. I couldn't wait to try it again. I began to notice a profound difference in the way I dealt with daily stress and how much easier it was to stay calm and focused throughout the day.  I knew I had to share this wonderful practice with others and decided to learn to teach Yoga Nidra.

Since that first experience, I've studied Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller (iRest) and Rod Stryker (Parayoga Nidra); I've learned about the Satyananda and Himalayan methods and became certified as an Advanced I Am Yoga Nidra™ facilitator through 130 hours of training with Kamini Desai and John Vosler.

I offer private Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sound and/or Reiki 60-minute sessions customized for your needs.  

Private 60-minute Zoom or in-person sessions are available in 1, 3, or 5 session packages.

  • Single session $75
  • 3 session package $195 ($65/session)
  • 5 session package $275 ($55/session)

To learn more about private yoga sessions, book your session, or purchase a package, contact Janie directly.