Creating Space through Yoga

Have you ever noticed how easy it is not to notice space? There is space all around you. The air you breathe fills the space in your lungs. The space between your nostrils moves the air back out. You move through space. When we have sufficient space, we tend to be unaware it’s even there.

When we don’t have enough space – that’s when we notice. When your home feels stuffed, it’s uncomfortable. When your belly is stuffed or clothes are too tight, you miss that feeling of spaciousness. When there’s no space on your calendar, you can feel overbooked and overwhelmed. If you’ve ever had an asthma attack and felt the space to your airways closing, it makes you appreciate taking a deep, full breath.

We need space.

Yoga helps us find it – through pranayama as we experience breath and the space between the breaths; through asana as we ground, move and grow; through yoga nidra, as we delve deep into the inner and energetic space beyond the physical self.

Make space to experience yoga. Because yoga will bring more spaciousness to your daily life.

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