Does Kindness Extend to Your “Self”?

Yesterday, I was posed two questions,”Do you tell lies?” and “Do you keep your word?” 

It wasn’t that I was being accused of dishonesty or mistrust with others. In fact, I try very hard to keep my word and share my truth, while of course, being kind to people in my life. It’s of utmost importance to me.

The questions were posed about my treatment of ME.  And I had to answer yes – sometimes I’m not always honest with myself and no, I don’t always keep my word when it comes to what I promise to do for me.

It’s funny how themes keep cropping up as little messages from the universe. This one kept tapping me on the shoulder the last couple days, so  I decided it may be a good idea to pay more attention to the thoughts and things I tell myself. To let go of self-doubt, to be more kind in the things I think, say and do to my inner and outer being. And to keep my word to take time for me. Scheduling and following through with selfcare helps us grow and heal. It also helps us extend kindness to others. To heal our world, we have to start by healing ourselves.

I’m encouraging you to think about kindness, compassion and authenticity – not just for others, but also, and especially for YOU. You are worthy of being loved and treated with respect. You are divine and beautiful. 

One way to be kind is to practice yoga.  As a teacher, I keep my commitment and show up every week at every class.  As a student, I’ve allow other needs to come before practice, far too often. As a teacher, I know better. Yoga is a tool, a system, a way to keep moving forward in the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self. It works.

I’m going to show up as a student, whether in a class or in my living room.  I’m going to keep my word. I’m going to be kind to me.

What are you going to do to be kind to yourself? When will you do this kindness? 

I’m honored you’re reading this and I wish you peace, love, light and the experience of honoring your heart, body, mind and soul.


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