Brave Bunny and Believing in Yourself

I love bunnies. I was born in the year of the rabbit. I’ve been told my spirit animal is a bunny and I can wiggle my nose like one too.

I was taking a walk through my neighborhood the other day and saw this little bunny pestering some wild doves. He would playfully run at them and it felt like he was saying,”look how bold I am!” Of course the doves, annoyed and disinterested, wouldn’t hurt him, so it was safe bravery on the bunny’s part.

As soon as I got a little closer to the yard where the bunny was, he quickly ran away and hid in the bushes. So much for badass bunny.

But thinking about bunny, I realized, we humans do this too. We take safe risks, experience measured emotions and controlled thrills as we find ways to help ourselves feel braver, stronger, bolder. Sometimes doing so helps us when faced with real circumstance where bravery is required.  It’s practice. And as long as we aren’t tormenting the doves, it might actually be a good thing to do now and then. Especially when it moves us towards our satya (truth) and our dharma (purpose).

It’s important to remember that although we may think we need to be braver, stronger, smarter…all we need, all we require is already right inside us. We are already brave bunnies. We need to practice tapping into that higher source.  We’re strong, courageous.  We have the intelligence to know when it’s smarter not to be bold and brave too, like the bunny who knew when seeking safety in the bushes was the right action.

Practicing yoga moves us closer and opens the channels to connect to our higher intelligence. It helps us choose right response and right action. It helps us face challenges with courage.  In yoga nidra, I often use the affirmation “Right response and right action will come through you.” It takes practice to develop trust and faith in your highest source.

May you experience the joy of learning, growing “braver” and experiencing the courage to discover your dharma and best purpose. Keep practicing, brave bunnies. See you on the mat!




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