Finding Calm in the Chaos

Friday morning was enlightening. Not Nirvana enlightening. Eye opening enlightening.

On my day off, right before getting ready to go into meditation at a yoga workshop, I checked to make sure my phone was off. And there it was. A text. From my boss. Her boss, the Queen of Chaos, was in crisis mode – again.

I spent the first part of meditation trying to let go of the emotions I was feeling. It wasn’t easy but I did finally get a chance to experience a little bit of calm before the class was over and reality crept back in.

In yoga, we learn to connect to our higher source and have clarity; we can step back and become the witness. I began to distance myself from my emotional upheaval – detaching from the feelings of frustration and anger and just observing the situation.

Suddenly, I found the Queen’s behavior sadly fascinating. It became clear she thrives on fixing chaos. When there isn’t anything to fix, she manifests problems. I doubt she realizes this. I doubt she intends to make people miserable and stressed. I’m not clear on why this is happening to our once joyful workplace or how to fix it. I do know yoga gives me tools to deal with the situation on a personal level. In witness consciousness, it’s easier to find the eye of the hurricane – the peace in the storm.

I couldn’t help but wonder what I could learn from this and how I could grow from the experience. Certainly, I felt more clarity and peace by stepping back, releasing from the emotions. I also plan to pay attention to my own behavior and thoughts. Are there things I’m unintentionally manifesting that make life harder than it needs to be? Could I reverse my actions and instead create more peace, joy and collaboration? I ask you the same. What thoughts and behaviors are creating chaos in your life? How can you bring more peace to your environment?

Yoga Nidra and practicing asana also helps us find clarity and give us tools to step out of emotions that don’t serve us. See you on the mat!

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