Stuck with Trucks – a Little Life Lesson


Driving in to work today, I listened to Gregg Braden and his message on using positive intentions and feelings to create a better world. I was feeling full of love and possibility; life was good. I could help change the world. Then  I got stuck. Literally.

I work at a warehouse where trucks are loading and occasionally there are short delays getting into the lot. Today, nobody was moving. Despite all my loving and harmonious vibes, the driver of the truck and trailer blocking the entrance to the parking lot wasn’t tuned-in to my plight. Another truck and trailer was also waiting in front of me. Usually, traffic flows, but after several minutes of sitting still, it became clear we were going nowhere.

I needed to get to a meeting, so I gave up, pulled around and parked on the street. It’s a busy street and I didn’t want to leave my car there long, fearing it could get sideswiped with all the semis passing by. The truck stuck in front of me took the opportunity I gave him to escape, backed out of the entrance and drove away.

As I walked into the parking lot, I noticed the driver of the first truck blocking the entrance was just hanging out, peacefully oblivious to everyone’s frustration. I stepped up to his window and asked if he could move his truck up just a little, because he was blocking the entrance. He realized what he was doing and quickly cleared space for others to pass.

Before I could walk back to my car, the second truck that had been waiting in front of me came zooming back through the narrow entrance and stopped. I was afraid he’d block me from getting through the entrance again. “Don’t you block me! Mooove!” I said out loud to myself as I felt the anger growing, thinking I’d be stuck all over again. Fortunately, he moved and I squeezed into the parking lot in time for my meeting. Blood pressure elevated but problem solved.

Breathe. Acknowledge the frustration. Let it go.

I know these types of emotions don’t serve the greater good. It’s amazing how even small, negative emotions can cling to your day if you let them. By the time I got to my desk, I was calm and starting to think about the experience differently. I had to laugh when I realized the lesson. It’s simple. Sometimes answers come in the form of action – like getting out of your comfort zone, going to the source and asking for what you need.

Ask and you shall receive. What do you need to ask for to get “unstuck” today?

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