Visualize the World You Wish to Live In

I believe thoughts are power and we have the ability to create our reality. We’re all spinning on this earth together and regardless of politics and spiritual beliefs, I have to believe there is a common thread of goodness among all people. Often it gets buried under negativity, greed, fear and selfishness, but it is there and needs to be uncovered through love, compassionate intention and powerful positive thoughts. Today, I’m choosing to focus on the world I’d like to live in.
A world of collaboration for good;
A world that’s healthy and vibrant;
A world of compassion for all beings;
A world where the air is clean, the water is pure, the soil is rich with life;
A world where people are compassionate – for the poor, for the sick, for children, for the elderly, for animals;
A world where people contribute their unique talents towards good and are valued;
A world where the divinity and interconnection of all beings is respected and all beings are treated with dignity and respect;
A world of wisdom;
A world of grace;
A world at peace;
A world of hope;
A world of joy and light.
Good is greater than evil. Love is greater than hate. Please take a few moments today and every day to envision a better world. Love and light to all! – Janieflower-of-life

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